Have you ever wondered what types of personality traits are needed for success? Or those that lead to failure? Well if so, you’re in luck! This article is all about the key personality traits that can either lead to success or failure. So listen up, these are important!

  • Laziness

Our first trait is laziness. Let’s face it. Most people are just downright lazy. Given a choice they would prefer to do something easy over something that was hard. We all would, right? The reason this is such an important personality trait is because laziness can also be a powerful motivator to succeed. Since laziness is essentially a desire to get the most done, in the shortest period of time, being lazy can actually be a good thing! If you think about it, all human progress and technological advancement has come from a desire to get things done easier and quicker than the traditional way of doing them. Why walk, when you can ride a bike? Why bike, when you can drive? Hell, why drive when you can fly! The point is, whilst laziness certainly can lead to failure, it can also lead to success. However it’s a slippery slope, so don’t get too lazy, or you might find yourself unable to pay the rent!

  • Greed

If I were to ask you what you would prefer, more money or less money, which would you prefer? Hmmm, that’s a hard one. Let me think about that for a minute…Not! Of course, given a choice people will always choose more over less, that’s obvious. So how does greed affect success or failure? Well greed, like laziness can also be a powerful motivator to succeed, or it can lead to failure. Like laziness, it’s a slippery slope. Greed, or the desire for more, can motivate you to work hard, stay up late and generally try your utmost hardest to get that new phone, car, house etc… you always wanted to. So the greed trait if harnessed correctly, can be an extremely powerful force to have on your side. However the trouble with greed is that you are never satisfied with what you have. And greedy people always want more. What happens to greedy people? That’s right, they get fat! Too much greed can cause a person to buy everything they see or desire, and so greed can be a very quick way to lose all your money!

  • Ambition

Do you enter a race to win, or to lose? Obviously winning is what all people want to do in life, no one likes coming in 2nd place, because deep down we are all ambitious. Ambition is a trait that all successful people have. It is a desire to rise to the top and beat a competitor. However there are 2 types of ambition. The first is ambition for short term gain, for example winning a football game. The second type of ambition is for long term gain, for example winning the football championship.

Unfortunately most people tend to pursue short term ambitions, but success is not built upon short term gain. In order to be truly successful you need to pursue longer term gains, and this is what really counts.


Real Charlie Brown
Real Charlie Brown

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