Why People Recommend Me

Real Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown is the kind of guy you want as a motivational coach because he ALWAYS has a good word for you to get your day going in the right direction. He’s a great man & a true servant-leader. I’d trust him in ANY circumstance because he has HIGH character & awesome people skills! Since having him in my life I’ve grown by leaps & bounds. Thanks Coach!

Michael Douglas

Charlie is an amazing coach. He’s extremely helpful and thorough in his teaching and walk throughs. He’s given me the confidence and the tools to start a new career in sales. Would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a coach.

Juana Renae

I don’t even know where to start when it comes to how amazing Charlie is as a person, coach, Innovator, I could go on and on! He has transformed my business and my life. I was at the brink of giving up and I found him on Facebook, and just on our first conversation he suggested a few things to implement in my business and things turned around. I thank God that I met him. He is also a Podio genius! Thank you my Friend, I am forever grateful

Luis Vargas

Charlie was very helpful with a wealth of knowledge. Willing to go the extra mile to be sure that I grasp the concept before moving forward.

Alice Washington

Charlie is the best business mentor I have ever had. I found him by luck and am so grateful I did. Like everyone has said, he is a fantastic person and so pleasant. He wants you to be the best you can be in your craft. Thank you for all that you do.Andrea Baldwin

Andrea Baldwin

Charlie has a straight forward mindset he won’t lead you down a dark hole, but he will tell you what’s in that direction so that you can avoid those mistakes. It’s been an honor to have Charlie as a mentor in my life.

Rhyns Edward

Real Estate Investor

Charlie is a phenomenal coach and wise beyond his years. He has helped me organize my business in order to take it to the next level. Highly recommend him!

Ititi Obidah

Support Engineer

Simply put, Charlie is a Godsend. I am truly blessed to have connected with him. When it comes to sales, systems, hiring, business management, etc., Charlie Brown is THE MAN. Not only does he actively listen to your pain points, he is an expert at providing specific solutions tailored to your situation. He is one of the most genuinely caring people I know and works incredibly hard to provide real value.

Gracie Lovio


Charlie Brown is an amazing guy. I am so grateful and thankful to have connected with him, he has been a huge help in my sales journey. I definitely wouldn’t be where I am now if it weren’t for his dedication in helping people succeed.

Clare Mah

Amazing mentor/leader. He genuinely cares for people success and loves adding value. Personally, would recommend 1000000000%! If you haven’t notice already, no number of 0s would describe how much he’s helped me. Truly helpful and if you haven’t already, send him a message. What a blessing to have met Charlie.

Yvan Sison

President at Next Opportunity Capital

Just had a training with Charlie Brown. Not only is he fun to work with, he really breaks down the mechanics of certain processes and explains them in a way that is very understandable. He also really cares about your success, highly recommended!

Lisa Pope

Charlie is a wonderful person and I was happy to see someone helping me to put the dots together on how best to get quality leads in a way I have not thought about before. Thank you for your input.

Eyitayo Olorunfemi-Adunmo

Network Marketer

More Happy Clients

I don't even know where to start when it comes to how amazing Charlie is as a person, coach, Innovator, I could go on and on! He has transformed my business and my life. I was at the brink of giving up and I found him on Facebook, and just on our first conversation he suggested a few things to implement in my business and things turned around. I am forever grateful!

Luis Vargas

Real Estate Investor

Charlie is a goldmine full of ideas! He's helped me with my new website & marketing ideas for my new business. He gives honest feedback and coaching on how to improve and add what's missing. Charlie is a kind, down to Earth and fun and easy to work with. I was comfortable sharing my thoughts, ideas and website with him for honest feedback. I highly recommend Charlie's services!

Maria Garcia


Charlie is the Absolute BEST. I started a new business and Charlie not only listened to my needs but he walked me through optimizing my social media ads and separating my accounts that were merged with my personal social media accounts. If you're looking for professionalism, a active listener and an expert to assist and guide you, Charlie is your guy!! Thank you Charlie Brown!!!

Chiquita Carter-Layne


Charlie is very kindhearted and you can tell that he is eager to help everyone he comes in contact with in anyway that he can. He taught me things about life, leadership and business that I will carry along with me wherever I end up. I’d highly recommend working with    Charlie.


Marketing Staff

Charlie, from the minute he meets you, is immediately looking for the best way he can help you. His desire to help others mixed with his entrepreneurial spirit make him an excellent connection to have. I look forward to continuing to work with Charlie and would recommend him.


Agent Intern

Charlie is a phenomenal mentor and giver to his pupils. His message is clear and to give back to those looking for a better way of life! Charlie is very attentive to his clients and cares more about their success than anything else. Highly recommend his service and coaching           abilities!


Office Supervisor

Charlie is a fantastic businessman and a wonderful person. I recommend everyone to work with him!


Campaign Manager

Great person, business man, an excellent service. Most importantly he puts you first! Really appreciate him!


Real Estate Investor

Coach Charlie is a great mentor and love to help other people to learn. “A man with a good heart”


Virtual Assistant

I’ve recently started new business and have a lot of questions about marketing. Charlie has been helping me every step of the way. He recently coached me on how to market properly and this is what I’ve needed and have been looking for. He’s a treasure trove of information!!



I would definitely recommend this guy here for your business. Charlie’s a great Entrepreneur and an awesome coach, he taught me all the skills I needed to be the best at what I do. Now, I am more confident with my cold calling skills and I’m now making my clients happy with the services  that I provide to them


Customer Care Representative

Charlie has a keen eye for people who have the ability and can improve their skill to become an exceptional contributor of an entity. He helped me upgrade my skills, made me believe in myself when I don't. He is a great mentor, friend, and easy to work with. Thankful that I met someone like him.


Jr SEO Analyst

Charlie is a great mentor to work with. He has an extensive knowledge of systems and is easy to work with. Highly recommend.


Real Estate Investor

Charlie is a straight shooter who has been ready and willing to help. It won't take you long to be glad you're working with him.


Sales Person

Great Mentor. Person who I can trust to show you the way and not leave you out to dry. Helps you find the better you!


Warehouse Specialist

 Charlie was much, much more than a real estate investor. A visionary, a businessman, a seeker of knowledge, and the ultimate go-giver. 


Real Estate Investor

A great coach, awesome man a person of dynamic thought and action I recommend Charlie Brown . 


Technical Support Representative

Resourceful and helpful. A great mentor and coach. He is supportive and professional. I would highly recommend Charlie.



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